Gramya Vikas Sansthan

Organisational Team

1. Mr. Bharat Singh Bisht Secretary M.A. Sociology Chief Functionary, Rural Development. 20 Years
2. Dr. Mahboob Alam Medical  Officer B.U.M.S. Health & Family Welfare 15 Years
3. Dr. M. Khan Medical  Officer B.A.M.S. Health & Family Welfare 27 Years
4. Dr. D.K. Sharma Programme Expert B.A.M.S. Health, Culture 22 Years
5. Dr. P.B. Shukla Project Manager P.H.D. Forest Management & Poverty Alleviation 12 Years
6. Dr. Praveen Singh Project Consultant M.A. LLB, Phd. Social Activist 11 Years
7. Dr. S.P. Singh Expert B.Sc. Agricultural, Rural Dev. 35 Years
8. Dr. Om Ji Srivastav Expert M.A. LLB, Phd. Legal Eexpert 10 Years
9. Mr. Amol Expert B.Tech Educational Experts 16 Years
10. Km. Taruna Expert M.B.A. Micro Finance/Literacy 07 Years
11. Smt. Shiv Kumari Project Coordinator Post Graduate SHG/Training/Livelihood 10 Years
12. Sri. Sanjay Kumar Project Coordinator Post Graduate Rural Development 14 Years
13. Smt. Nazma Master Trainers Graduation Training Programme 06 Years
14. Sri. Lalit Anant Computer Operator Graduation Computer  Training 05 Years
15. Sri. Jagdish Computer Operator Graduation Computer Typist 02 Years
16. Smt. Phool kumari Social Worker Inter Field Work 05 Years
17. Sri. Sushil Kumar Social Worker Inter Field Work 04 Years
18. Sri. Dilip Singh Social Worker Inter Field Work 07 Years
19. Km. Shiva Khan Social Worker Inter Field Work 03 Years
20. Mr. A. Khan Social Worker Inter Field Work 02 Years
21. Sri. Satya Prakash Field Worker High School Office Assistt. 03 Years

GVS seeks to empower resource poor community to organise themselves in a collaborative spirit, develop, manage and run welfare programmes/schemes for the larger benefit of the community and help them join the mainstream of the society