Gramya Vikas Sansthan

Environment and Agriculture



National Environment Awareness Campaign is organised at some or the other village in the operational area with support from the Indian Environmental Society, New Delhi. The programme is mainly targetted at ainly Tharus, who participate in large numbers. Last years topic was "Biodiversity and Conservation". Detailed information was given on the selected topic, and plantation of medicinal plants and cleaning of water tanks and hand pumps was done.


A farmers workshop was organised at Sohna village of Pasgawan block of Kheri district to make the farmers aware on production of bio manures and their usage. The workshop was attended by 40 marginal farmers. They were given information on NADEP compost and vermi compost and told that by suing these composts they can get good yield in low cost and their by increase their income level.

GVS seeks to empower resource poor community to organise themselves in a collaborative spirit, develop, manage and run welfare programmes/schemes for the larger benefit of the community and help them join the mainstream of the society